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Pendulum logo      Pendulum specializes in precision frequency standards and frequency and time analyzers.
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Pendulum Frequency and Time Counters

CNT-91, the fastest and most accurate frequency counter
  • speed of up to 250'000 measurements per second and up to 15'000 per second via GPIB
  • resolution of 12 digits in 1 second Spectracom CNT90 frequency counter
  • 50 ps single shot time interval resolution
  • up to 20GHz range
  • burst measurements down to 20ns
  • plug-and-play compatibility with Agilent 53131A
  • available with built-in Rubidium reference (CNT-91R)
data sheet CNT-91, CNT-91R

TimeView3 PC software for CNT-91 enables modulation domain analysis (frequency over time, e.g. of bursts and chirps in radar signals, frequency settling of oscillators, jitter etc.). data sheet TimeView3
The emulation of Agilent's Modulation Domain Analyzer 53310A is described in this application note

CNT-90XL is the latest product of Pendulum Instruments. It is the fastest microwave counterSpectracom CNT90 histogram with integrated power measurement, available in versions ranging from 27GHz to 60GHz. data sheet CNT-90XL
How to optimize 24GHz radar sensors and reduce test costs with CNT-90XL is described in this Success Story.

CNT-90 has most of the features of the previous products (up to 20GHz) at a lower cost. data sheet CNT-90
The compatibility of CNT-90 with Agilent 53131A is described in this application note.

Pendulum Frequency Standards

GPS-based Frequency StandardsPendulum GPS 12R

GPS-12 is a portable GPS-synchronized frequency standard, which achieves Cesium-like stability with the built-in OCXO, Rubidium-reference or Glonass-synchronisation.
data sheet GPS-12 (+ OCXO or Rubidium)
data sheet GPS12RG (+ Glonass, GPS + Rubidium)

Rubidium and other Frequency Standards

GPS-88 and GPS-88R (Rubidium)
Frequency standards 6688 and 6689 (with Rubidium) are identical to Fluke models 908 and 909.

DA-36 Frequency Distribution AmplifierPendulum DA36 frequency distribution amplifier

The Pendulum DA-36 frequency distribution amplifier offers an economical solution to the problem of low-jitter transfer of frequency reference signals over longer distance.
Data sheet Pendulum DA-36